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I used to use 1and1.com for most of my web site hosting, but the 1&1 plan I’m on (I was a very early adopter of that site) doesn’t really work well for WordPress. Although you can set up a WordPress site – and the even have a really slick tool to do so, the sites fail to upgrade plugins or to upgrade wordpress itself. So, you end up having to do manual upgrades all the time.

So far siteground.com seems to be pretty good. Their support is very good – nice quick answers when I had questions re DNS. And, as part of signing up, they ported over one of my sites for me, which was pretty sweet. The sites come up quickly, and things like upgrades work the way you’d expect.

There are a full suite of tools for easily installing WordPress, Drupal, and a bunch of other things. Nice. And they have pretty good domain management tools.

What I didn’t like was that the first site (the one they ported) was installed at the root of my public html directory, then all the other sites are subdirectories in that same root – so there’s a weird mix of WordPress files and directories, and subdirectories with my other sites. I’d prefer if the “main” site was a sub directory like all the others. Not sure if I can change that.

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