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So, yah, crashed my Phantom UAV drone at the cottage a few weeks ago…

It was fairly windy, and my last thought as the Phantom flew by in front of me was “Jeeze, it’s going fast!” – then it disappeared behind a tree, just as I was trying to fly it back out over the lake. But, I reacted too late, and it hit the tree.

The drone ended up in the lake. You can see the underwater video from the unprotected GoPro, and you can hear the sound of the Phantom rebooting a couple of times. Then, it cuts out just as I pulled it from the water.

I immediately took it to the cottage, and put it in the oven at about 120 degrees. Left it there for a few hours.

The next day, I took it for a test flight and everything was fine, except the the video transmitter – which worked, but with a reduced range. Astonishingly, the totally unprotected GoPro was fine!

I’ve flown it a few times since, and it has behaved just fine. Didn’t even have to replace any props!

Note: Loads of water sensing red dye was released inside the Phantom – they must include this in the Phantom so they don’t have to do repairs on water damaged drones. If you’re buying a second-hand Phantom look inside the case for the red dye.